The eyesight simulator
Enter eye prescription information below to simulate a persons vision.
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See through someones eye's
For the first time, the Eye Sim algorithm allows you to see how others view the world. Simply enter an eye prescription above to see an image blurred to that persons natural eyesight.
Share your eyesight
Whether you have just had laser eye surgery or you are discussing your vision with friends, once you've entered your eye prescription, you can use the social share links to literally show people how you see the world.
How it works
Developed by Physicists from Harvard and Warwick Univeristy, Eye Sim uses complex algorithms to construct a wavefront consisting of Zernike Polynomials. A convolution is then performed of the wavefront and an image to simulate your natural eyesight.
For your surgery or clinic
Use Eye Sim as an educational tool and allow users to share their eyesight on social networks. With a branded Eye Sim website, customer tweets and facebook shares will contain your company name and logo.
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